Packaging Vertical Machine VK-500

For the automatic packaging of various products


The VK-500 series comes to fulfill the market needs for meeting new packaging technologies, bringing to the manufacturer a great production yield, Made under strict quality control in 304 stainless steel or carbon steel painted with epoxy paint under strict quality control, including state-of-the-art electronic components to meet the technical requirements demanded by the market.

Products Types

  • Several bulk products

Wrapping Vertical Machine

  • Made to form packages through coils and package various products.
  • Equipped with PLC and MMI, touch screen, colored display where the controls functions are managed, including temperature, production, storage of data and recipes.
  • Structure built in carbon steel, painted with high resistance electrostatic paint.
  • Packaging formers and other parts that contact the product are made of stainless steel 304, being easy to handle during assembly and disassembly.
  • Coiler (uncoiler) with quick coil exchange and driven by motor with electronic timing and speed control. It uses coils with a maximum width of 510 mm and a maximum diameter of 550 mm.
  • The packaging may vary from 80 to 240 mm wide and 100 to 300 mm long (pitch).
  • Production: 70 units per minute
  • 220 V three-phase tension
Technical Data
Model VK-500
Production 60 units per minute
Voltage 220V
Packaging Sizes
Variable width 80 a 240 mm
Variable length 100 a 300 mm
Additional format – Set
Hot Stamping
Voltage transformer
Rotary table – 1.200 mm of diameter

Kawamac vertical wrapping machine models: