Packaging Machine HK-1200 Foto ilustrativa Packaging Machine HK-1200


The packaging machine model HK-1200 is designed to package hard candies, equipped with structure in carbon steel, epoxy painted, and made of stainless steel 304 in the parts that contact the product. Its production is up to 1,000 units per minute, depending on the format and film quality. The products are stored manually or through conveyors into a hopper, then they pass through a vibrating trough which transports them to a disc feeder and position, starting the flow-pack packaging process.

Products Types

  • Hard candies
  • Sweets
  • Other compatible products
Technical Data
Model HK-1200
Production Packages up to 1,000 units per minute
Plate 693 mm / 40 divisions
Machine load 15 A
Consumption 7,5 kVA
Voltage 220 v – 60 HZ – Three-phase
Coil Size
Inside diameter 75mm
Outside diameter 350mm(Maximum)
Width 130 mm(Maximum)
Machine Sizes
Length 3.000mm
Width 700mm
Weight 1.650mm