Packaging Machine MK-1000 Foto ilustrativa Packaging Machine MK-1000

High speed and accuracy to cut and package


Máquina de Embalagem Compacta de alta velocidade e precisão para cortar e embalar guloseimas mastigáveis, fabricada em aço carbono, pintada com tinta epoxy e aço inox 304 nas partes que entram em contato com o produto.

  • With three (3) axes driven by Servo Drives, controlled by digital MMI that monitors: The temperature, safety alarms, pitch and centralization of the film.
  • Dual high production rotary continuous cutter.
  • Wire drawer adjustable to the product format.
  • Automatic flow-pack system packaging

Products Types

  • Hard candies
  • Sweets
  • Chewable candies
  • And many other products
Technical Data
Model MK-1000
Production Packages up to 1,000 units per minute
Machine load 15 A
Consumption 7,5 kVA
Voltage 220 V – 60 Hz – (Three-phase)
Packaging Size
Length 100mm (Maximum)
Width 30mm (Maximum)
Height 12mm (Maximum)
Coil Size
Inside diameter 75mm
Outside diameter 350mm(Maximum)
Width 130 mm(Maximum)
Machine Sizes
Length 1.700mm
Width 550mm
Height 450Kg
Weight 1.500mm