The KAWAMAC is a traditional company in the packaging industry that manufactures flow-pack, stand up pouch, vertical, scales, and dosing machines. Find the ideal machine for your product: Folding machines, wrapping machines, filling machines, and more. Kawamac Vertical machine - VK 500 with multi-head weighting scale. Fast, easy, and accurate production, and at the highest market demand level Machines for the main types of packaging: Flow-pack and stand up pouch.

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For over 20 years KAWAMAC develops machines for packaging of Flow-Pack and Stand Up Pouch types, using high-tech and updated concepts. Our devices have emerged as reference quality, low maintenance and high productivity.

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Custom Packaging Machines:

These are machines designed and manufactured to package specific products when they cannot be packaged in our conventional machines;

Our team of designers develops special equipment to package these products. Check out all the machines below: