Invest in packaging means investing in the major item of direct communication between your brand, the product and the consumer.

The right packaging for your product is one that ensures protection, hygiene and conservation of raw materials, allowing the correct storage and handling.

Get to know the main types of packaging machines Kawamac produce:

Flow Pack

Types of Packaging

Packing system where the packaging is formed at the same time that the product is packaged. Continuous process where the equipment

receives the product on the movie, bending and longitudinal film forming a saddle and saddle tube at the ends toclose.

Stand Up Pouch

Types of Packaging

Packing type sachet, however with a base at the bottom, allowing you to keep itstanding in the gondola.

Machine Vertical

Types of Packaging

Brand packing cushion that adjusts the width of the package between 80 to 240 mm wide and 100 to 300 mm length.

The Kawamac specializes in Flow-Pack packaging machines and Stand-up Pounch.

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