Packaging Machine HK-400 Foto ilustrativa Packaging Machine HK-400

Packaging machine flow-pack type, suitable for all kinds of solid, individual or collective packaging, in the food, pharmaceutical, hygienic, chemical and others segments.


Packaging machine, manufactured in carbon steel, painted with epoxy paint and made of stainless steel 304 in the parts that come into contact with the product.

Includes a 90 degrees conveyor and feeds through the drawer when using the tilting horizontal or vertical rotary system option.

PLC and servo motor with 3 shafts.

Products Types

  • Cereal bars
  • Chocolate bars and many other products
Technical Data
Model HK-400
Production Packages up to 500 units per minute, depending on the product..
Machine load 15 A
Consumption 7.5 kVA
Voltage 220V - 60Hz (Three-phase)
Product Sizes
Length 3000mm (variable according to the automation)
Width 3000mm (variable according to the automation)
Height 1700mm
Machine Sizes
Length 1.700mm
Width 550 mm
Width 1.500mm
Weight 450Kg